Our Approach

First, our single most important goal is to provide our clients with up-to-date, innovative solutions that meet their specific and individual needs. We recognize that although many small and rural communities face similar problems, solutions must be unique to fit with the particular cultural, economic, political and environmental conditions found in the community. Our strength lies in listening and learning about the place and the people we work for. Only then can we offer the type of solutions that have the potential to work.

Second, CP&EA strives to be not just a consultant, but to develop a collaborative relationship with our clients. Through years of experience, we realize that solutions to community problems usually already exist locally. It often takes a skilled facilitator to bring people into the planning process and then draw those solutions out. CP&EA is a small firm and we consider that a great asset. Our size allows us to have more interaction with the residents and businesses in our client communities. Because of this close contact, a great deal of trust develops. Most often when our consulting work has been completed, CP&EA staff leaves having made many new friends.

Third, we have several important planning philosophies that we offer. It is vital that rural and small communities put in place long term planning solutions oriented not to urban or suburban locations, but to rural and small places. We use tools that are geared toward rural, hamlet and village landscapes. Finally, each community has a unique character that is cherished by residents. That community character must be recognized and nourished in the face of change and development as it is one of the most important cultural and economic assets our communities have.

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